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911 Elite Performance Prep

For First Responders who don’t want to survive in their career, but thrive in it…

Boost Your Energy, Stamina and Recovery Time, Without Spending Hours In The Gym and Kitchen

911 Elite Performance Prep is a great way to quickstart your journey to PERFORM OPTIMALLY every day on the job (and have more time and energy at the end of shift and days off for your family)

  • How to instantly get your body out of a fight or flight state
  • How to decrease stress on your body without adding more time in your day
  • How to calm your mind and fall asleep

have been following along and putting things into my day and night routines

Feeling pretty good, more energy, tired and ready for bed as opposed to being “wired” should get easier to make the choices as time goes forward!

RJ - 20 years, Police, Ontario, Canada

911 Elite Performance Program

While working with First Responders, I’ve discovered one clear lesson — there is a proven 3 Step System to get a solid sleep, boost your energy, calm your anger and then train like an athlete, so you can thrive in your career, peak during crisis and recover quickly after.

Whether you desire to:


  • Sleep a solid 6-8 hours every time you shut your eyes, so your body can restore itself and be ready for your next shift without waking with a night-shift hangover.
  • ​Wake up with energy to last your whole day, so you can get through your shift without needing 8 cups of coffee so you can spare energy for your friends and family.

  • ​Feel rested on your days off, so you can get back to the things you love to do outside of the job.  
  • ​Feel in control of your body and have a clear mind, so you can handle everything thrown at you in your day and accomplish tasks faster, more efficiently and recover quicker. 
  • ​Stop being anxious, frustrated and angry with those around you, so you can get back to your happy, calm, relaxed self and excel in your career.  
  • Get back to being active and enjoying sports without exhaustion or the fear of constant nagging injuries holding you back. 

While she may be targeting the Law Enforcement Community, the principals that Andi Clark teaches are applicable to all public safety personnel. She and her program has been very helpful in my journey. Whether you struggle with burnout or PTSD, or you are just plain tired of feeling drained, check out this community. It’s loaded with good information and great people wanting to better themselves as well as those with similar struggles.

Troy, Fire 20+ yrs, USA

Peak Performance Assessment

Are you a Police Officer or First Responder who is ready to raise your game so you can thrive in your job just like a professional athlete?

Are you unsure how to create a tactical plan where you are physically and mentally prepared for anything that comes your way?

Do you want to peak in a crisis without needing your days off to recover after, but have no idea how to get from where you are now to there?


Then my FREE 911 Performance Assessment is for you.

By the end of this call you will know why you have been struggling to perform optimally and what action steps need to be done to get you there.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain


How To Beat Fatigue And Become An Elite First Responder

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