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Why it is not an Officers fault that they are struggling to sleep, are exhausted, have a short fuse and are heading towards burnout. Even after they have stopped working shifts or retire.

How it is possible to create a lifestyle that thrives on a shift work schedule, so you can have all day energy, enjoy your days off with your family and peak during every crisis.

A simple way to avoid burnout and thrive in your career without prescriptions, overwhelm, or putting your life on hold.

Speaking and Media


CTV News Channel anchor Angie Seth speaks to Andi Clark and her husband Kevin about how police officers and first responders can manage work-related stress and prevent burnout.

Rob is an Officer in the United States who understands first hand how Shift work and the life of a Police Officer is not easy.

Rob said, “We struggle to fall asleep because we are tired and wired, wake mid sleep, we are exhausted to the point that coffee is the only way to make it through our shift, we become frustrated easier than we were at the start of our career, have digestive issues and fear burnout. It’s happening to most of us, so we believe that this is the norm.

In this podcast we go deep into why burnout is common for us in Law Enforcement, how it’s not your fault and what you can do to reverse it. You won’t want to miss this one.”


How To Beat Fatigue And Become An Elite First Responder


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