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Of all of the stress triggers that we work on in my Shift Work Cure program, Environmental Toxins is the one I knew the least about when I started reversing my burn out.  In my opinion, these toxic triggers, once removed, made an instant and huge impact on my own stress and health as well as my families’.

If that was not enough, the habits were easy to break and don’t really take any effort at all, to maintain.

Here is why…


Our stress management system controls over 50 different hormone responses –  sleep, energy, moods, anger, illness, digestion, heart function, breathing,  blood sugars and the list goes on…

Because of this connection between stress and hormones, the first environmental toxins that I focused on were hormone disruptors.

Our stress management system creates these hormones and then they hop into a car and are transported to their destination. BUT, when hormone disruptors are absorbed through our skin, or breathed in, they start taking the place of the real hormone.

Your body gets confused

These hormone disruptors look like the real thing, but are imposters. They jump in the car and get to the destination and have no idea what to do. Your body gets confused and starts to malfunction. It has no idea when it should sleep or stay awake. Your once calm self, gradually gets more easily frustrated and angry. Symptoms like hangry emotions or struggling to lose weight around the mid-section can indicate issues with Blood Sugar, as well. Up to 50 different functions in our body are affected by these hormone disruptors and it truly messes us up.

If that doesn’t sound bad enough, our bodies end up with an overabundance of real hormones which then fools the body into thinking it is overproducing. Slowly over time, the body decreases the number of real hormones that it produces resulting in various physical malfunctions.

What Can You Do About It?


Whenever I thought about greening my home I thought this meant recycling more.  I had no clue what a hormone disruptor was, or that products I was buying, and using in my house and on my body, contained them.  

Thankfully, I met  Emma Rohmann from Green At Home .  Emma is an environmental engineer by trade. Attempting to make her home greener after having kids, she struggled to figure out what was truly a green product and what was ‘green washed’ (not as healthy as they claim).  

If she struggled to figure this out, with this being her field, how were we supposed to?    

Emma’s approach was to tackle one room at a time. Take note of what items are priority in each room and swap them out right away for a greener version, or once they have been used up.

Really, it’s that easy!   

Slowly, over time, you are decreasing how much stress you are placing on your body. You would think that the price of many green products, that can make a HUGE IMPACT on your stress and health, would be more expensive, but that’s really not the case. The prices for green products are not that different than the toxic option.  

The prices for green products are not that different than the toxic option.

This month I am going to be focusing on Environmental Toxins, so keep an eye out for upcoming blogs where I will give you a room by room guide of how you can get started right away.  

I’ll also be posting and doing live videos in my 911 Stress Management Facebook group throughout the month. You won’t want to miss all of the great tips and tricks we talk about.

If you are a First Responder or family member and are not in my group, now is your chance.

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The advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It is meant to augment and not replace consultation with a licensed health care provider. Consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor or other primary care provider is recommended for anyone suffering from a health problem.


Andi Clark is a mom, wife of a Police Officer and the founder of 911 Lifestyle. Also known as The Elite Trainer for Police and First Responders, Andi is an expert in peak performance and how stress physically affects your body.

The one that’s listed in the blog doc is:
Andi Clark is a mom, wife of a Police Officer and the founder of 911 Lifestyle.

Andi has a background in athletics including a 25+yr career as a personal trainer, nutrition and mindset coach to athletes and stressed out high end executives.

Being healthy and active was what she lived for. Until her body started waking absolutely exhausted, workouts become something to push through instead of enjoy. A short fuse crept in, motivation left and injuries seemed to be a part of life. All of this added up to the point that she had to stop all activity altogether.

Doctors, specialists and prescriptions were never able to fix the problem.

Once Andi realized she had a genetic stress condition that puts her body into an increased stress response state all the time (similar to what Police Officers and First Responders experience when they put on their uniform and have to mentally prepare for whatever may happen in their day) was she able to figure out what was happening and how to reverse it.

Through years of research and studying, Andi formulated a completely different way to thrive when your body is always functioning at higher than usual stress levels. One where it is possible to reverse and prevent an officer from getting to a point where they struggle to get through their days by taking a preventative approach instead of a reactive one. And one that reduces the negative effects of shift work on the body.

Through her husbands career as an officer her focus has been on preventing burnout, exhaustion and a tanked immune system that she knew can result from high levels of stress that are out of your control.

As she watched his co-workers struggle with everything from sleep, exhaustion and anger leading to divorce, PTSD and even suicide it became apparent how LIFE-SAVING the foundations she was laying down for her husband actually were, because not only was he tolerating the shiftwork lifestyle, he was thriving in it.

Andi created 911 Lifestyle once she realized the strategies her husband was using MUST become available to all Police Officers and First Responders so they can peak during crisis, recover quickly after, have energy left over for their families and become the Elite First Responders that they were born to be.

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