Life of a Police Officer and First Responder with shift work, OT, court and other aspects of the job make it tough to commit to anything during your “time off”.   

Between sleep and travel to and from work there is barely enough time to get yourself ready for your shift.  

When I ask how much time each week you have with your family and spouse there seem  to be only a few hours here and there.   

Like passing ships in the night.

And those of you who do not have a spouse, it seems almost impossible with your schedule to meet anyone…   

Do you often feel like you are missing out?   

You love your job, but you wish that it did not have to mean a life of quick hi’s and bye’s.   And the longer you go without being able to have that quality time with your family or time to find that someone special to share your life with, do you start to blame your  job? Start to resent it a little bit for now allowing you to be with your family?    

Do you feel like your job, as much as you love it, is taking more from you than you signed up for?   

What if I was to tell you that there is a way to figure out how to have regular date nights and family time even with your crazy schedule?    

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?  

But it’s not! It’s absolutely possible.   

We were thinking about it all wrong.

My husband and I didn’t have a date for almost 7 years until we figured out that we were thinking about it all wrong.  

As with everything I teach in my Shift Work Cure program.  Your life does not fit into a Monday to Friday 9-5 world. The more we try to fit what we are doing into that world, the harder and more frustrating everything becomes. 

  • Eating on a shift where you have no idea when you will be able to eat again or eating in the middle of the night.  
  • Shifts that often end in OT because you can’t leave when you are in the middle of a call 
  • Working out after a shift where you already did the equivalent of an endurance workout with your weighted vest on for 12 hours with a few wind sprints and HIIT circuits thrown in rushing to calls does not work for your body…

And the list goes on…

Your schedule isn’t like everyone else’s

Why would spending time with your family be any different?    Just because most people live a Mon to Fri 9-5 schedule, does not mean you have to.   You count just as much as they do. So we need to factor you into the equation as well.  

It’s simple… 

Here’s how

Here is how to get more time with your family or to find someone to spend your life with.   

  1. Schedule a time to sit down with your family or if you are working towards finding someone then sit with your calendar. 
  2. Everyone is to bring their schedules/calendars
  3. Start with looking at your next block of days off
  4. What days/times do they have off during this time?  
  5. Block off one for family time and another for a date.  The date can be day or night. Don’t overthink it. Block off a time and you will find something to do then.  
  6. Move to your next block of days off and do the same.  
  7. Schedule out at least the next 3 months.   

Now when you are asked to do something, or have things to do you know that this is a non negotiable.   You will check your calendar before you say yes to anyone else so that you don’t overextend yourself.   

Things will begin to shift

The amazing thing about this is how your mind will shift gears over time.   

That feeling of not having time for anything or anyone on your days off will go away and be replaced with you getting excited near the end of a block of shifts.    

Your kids and spouse will also change how they are thinking and feeling as they know that you have set aside time for them.  They are important.   

The resentment start to subside

You will start to resent your job less, because you have taken control of your schedule and make it yours.   You are not letting your schedule rule you.   

Now you may be saying… but there is so much that we need to get done and one excuse after another.  

Yes, there will always be a to do list.  To do lists are never ending.  They will never go away.    

What’s important to you?

What is more important.   Yard work, tidying the house,  fixing things, OR making memories with your loved ones?   

We always make time for the things that are important to us. 

If this is important to you, then you can and will make it happen.   

The only thing that I truly will accept as a reason for not being able to make this happen YET is that you are burnt out and heading to a worse place.  Your body is so exhausted and your fuse so short that spending time with your family and spouse right now may not help make the best of memories.  

If this is you, then I get it.    I’ve been in your shoes.   

I remember those days

I remember those days where the exhaustion took over my life.  The brain fog made simple conversations and 5 minute tasks took me hours because I struggled to focus.  To do lists were always increasing. I felt overwhelmed, like I was spinning my wheels. My fuse was short with my kids and husband.    I was frustrated, and angry and felt this was how I had to live.  

Date nights and family time then were not a good idea then.   

First I had to reverse my burnout.   Of which I did and now I teach Police officers and First Responders how to do this in my Shift Work Cure Program.  

Lost motivation

If your motivation and drive that used to define you is gone and you now struggle to get off of the couch because your brain and body are so exhausted, know that it’s not your fault.  

If you want date nights and to run and play with your family, but you have no idea how to make it happen, I can help.  

I created Shift Work Cure for you.   SWC helps Officers and First Responders get a solid sleep,  wake with energy, calm the short fuse, reverse your burnout and help you get your  motivation and life back.  

Are you ready?

If you are ready to make changes, but don’t know how, book a call with me.  The call will start off with me learning more about you and where you are now and figure out where you want to end up.   

If you and I both feel that you are a good fit for my Shift Work Cure program then I will tell you about it.  BUT I do not let everyone into my program If I feel that another direction is better for you right now, I will tell you and we will create a plan of action so you will know what steps you need to take by the end of the call.   

My goal is to help you get better,  not get you into my program.    

Email me and I can send you my schedule to book a time to talk.   

Be Safe,


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