Hey! It’s Andi!


Here’s the Deal

I’m not successful until you as a first responder have peaked in your career…

My entire mission hinges on getting you solid sleeps, boosting your energy, calming your short fuse, and reversing your burnout so you can peak during EVERY crisis and recover quickly AND are ready for the next. 

It’s a matter of life or death.

To say I’m obsessive about making sure that happens would be an understatement.

How Do I Do That?


By showing you how to thrive on a shift schedule with all of the unknowns thrown at you each and every shift – without prescriptions or overwhelm (so you can peak during crisis and quickly recover after).


By making sure you’re in that elusive, small percentage of first responders who gets a solid sleep , has a clear, calm mind and actually has energy for their family and life outside of “the job”. 


By teaching you my no BS strategies so you can take the guesswork out of it all, throw the overwhelm and ‘where-the-heck-do-I-starts’ to the curb. We ignore what the “non shift work strategies” tell you to do, and we get to WORK. 

I keep myself in only the very best company of those who share my integrity, respect, honestly, hard work and family values (I SEE YOU).

Can’t wait to work with you.

You truly are amazing! I just want to say how grateful I am that you do what you do and that you care so much to help others like me…
I think a lot of the time we don’t realize how bad we are until it’s so far gone. We think that this is always how things have been and can’t remember when we felt amazing…or we just need to suck it up.

Jen, Police Officer 15 yrs Canada

The First Thing

You Need to Know About Me is…

I’m not a doctor and there are no certifications in “Reversing Burnout So That First Responders Can Peak Every Crisis” yet… (I’m working on that).

I DID graduate with honours from the school of hard knocks. 

I’ve been involved in athletics my whole life and I  experienced burnout (twice), came through the trenches by studying every research journal, book and certification related to athletes, stress and burnout.  I added these learnings to my knowledge and experience of 25+ yrs personal training and coaching nutrition and mindset to athletes and high level stressed executives resulting in where I am today.  

Reversing my burnout and my sons (this info comes later),  preventing my Police Officer husband from burnout and now reversing and preventing Officers and First Responders burnout all over the world to the point that they are thriving on the job and at home peaking in crisis and recovering quickly afterwards prepared for the next.  

I built my business on a solid foundation of life experience and relentless research.

I had to create my proven 3 step system to first reverse your burnout and then train your body, so that you can thrive in your career from scratch as there is nothing out there specifically for Police and First Responders who work a crazy shift work schedule that also accounts for all of the unknowns thrown at you each and every shift.  

I am proud to have EARNED my place at the top. 

My coaching style is tough love – imperfect action, no BS and no sugar coating. 

I am REAL, I am gritty, I am gutsy and I get to WORK. 

I pride myself in being a coach who gets you. 

I get the challenges, I get the struggle, I get the overwhelm and most importantly I get the mission. 

I get that success in my program for you is not a “want”… It’s A NEED. 

I get it because just like you, not long ago, I was struggling to make it through my days.  

Sleep issues, brain fog,  absolute exhaustion, anger, judgmentalness (Is that a word?) is not a fun place to be.  It affected every single aspect of my life from my relationship with my husband, kids and friends to the inability to advance in my career.   

And I knew there had to be a way.

So I figure it out. And then some. 

Once I reversed my burnout I swore I would never let anyone suffer like I had.  

I’ve put my heart and soul into building 911 Lifestyle from scratch – which I started to help my husbands colleagues who I saw struggling like I had and am now reversing burnout in Officers and First Responders from all around the world (and training them to be physically top in their field). 

At the end of the day I’m just an athletic mom and the wife of a Police Officer who has a genetic stress condition that puts my body into an increased stress response state all the time making me more susceptible to burnout.  

No different from the stress state you are in each and every shift…we are more alike than you may realize (i know you get it)

Let’s leave the fluff to the other guys. 

We’re going to focus on a straight up, no BS strategy and treat you like a professional athlete. 

How? Take all of the information you have learned that’s tailored for a less stressed, Mon to Fri 9-5 job and throw it out the window.  

Replace it with my proven simple step by step tactical plan that will help you get to sleep, stay asleep,  wake with energy, clear your brain, calm your anger and then train your body like an athlete, so you can peak and recover quickly during crisis for the remainder of your career.

The hard truth? 

Someones gotta help you if you want to successfully thrive throughout your career and stay on top of your game- am-I-right?!? 




Andi Clark is known online as The Elite Trainer for Police and First Responders and creator of her signature program 911 Elite Performance.  She’s the wife of a Police Officer and an expert in peak performance and how stress physically affects your body. She is renowned for her ability to reverse and prevent burnout in First Responders, then help them regain their athletic conditioning, so they can thrive throughout their entire career—online and offline—as well as her refreshingly relatable and no-BS approach. 

Kevin, a Police Officer of 10 yrs in Canada said, “Thanks to the knowledge shared by Andi, I definitely am sleeping better, easier and have more energy to do the things that I like.  I’m calmer, even after a long block of shifts and have my relationship back with my family. We now play sports as a family again. The program is simple, easy to follow and is sustainable for the long term.”  

Life wasn’t always as burnout free for Andi.  She has a genetic stress condition that puts her body into an increased stress response state all the time. Similar to what Police Officers and First Responders experience when they put on their uniform and mentally prepare for whatever may happen in their day.

It took Andi over 20 years with two very big burnout crashes (one while pregnant) to figure out why her doctors, specialists and the prescriptions given to her were not able to help. And that what was happening to her was not a mental health issue.

Through her recovery she formulated a completely different way to look at and handle burnout. 

Once she realized that her husband was thriving while his colleagues were struggling with the same symptoms she had experience she knew that she couldn’t keep her findings to herself.   They needed help. She could provide it.   

And 911 Lifestyle was born.  Andi now speaks and coaches Officers and First Responders all over the world:

  • Why it is not their fault that they are struggling to sleep, exhausted, have a short fuse, digestive issues and are heading towards burnout.  Even after they have stopped working shifts or retired.   
  • How it is possible to create a lifestyle that thrives on a shift work schedule, so you can have all day energy, enjoy your days off, get back to being active and peak during a crisis
  • A simple way to train like a professional athlete so you can excel in your career without prescriptions, overwhelm, putting your life on hold or breaking the bank.   

Knowledge is power.   

Andi knows that if we give these First Responders the information so they can thrive in their career and the tools to implement it, we can change the trajectory that the mental and physical toll they endure on the job each and every shift can positively affect the health and wellbeing of First Responders going forward. 

Ready to get your energy, stamina and recovery time back?


How To Beat Fatigue And Become An Elite First Responder

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